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ID # 14772694

Vermeer 604 Pro G3 Baler

Call for Price
Oncoming rain clouds can ruin a hay producer’s day. That’s why silage is quickly becoming a preferable option for producers everywhere who are tired of waiting on good weather and want high-quality forage for their cattle. According to Michigan State University Extension, silage harvested within five days of the optimal time has a feed quality advantage of $26.46 per ton over dry hay. For some producers, that’s reason enough to make the switch.
Of course, it takes a tough baler to handle the added tonnage of high-moisture hay.
The Vermeer Generation 3 604 Pro baler was specially designed and built from the ground up in Pella, Iowa, to handle the rigors of baling wet, heavy crops — combining strength and smart features while still giving you the versatility of having a baler that can bale dry hay.


  Features and Benefits
  • The G3 Pro baler is designed with a solid frame, heavy-duty components like large bearings, chains and rollers and poly pickup bands to fit the needs of North American silage producers handling wet, heavy bales. Atlas Pro control system monitors hay making metrics such as bale shape and density.
  • From its chopper system knife choices of 0, 8, 9 or 17 to its heavy-duty components to its ability to bale wet or dry hay, this machine is all about versatility.
  • The new netwrap system is designed for operator convenience with netwrap now in the back and the ability to adjust netwrap tension and monitor netwrap available on the roll.
Bale Diameter 72 in 182.9 cm
Bale Width 48.4 in 122.9 cm
Bale Weight 2400 lbs 1088.6 kg
Length - Standard 213 in 541 cm
Height 120 in 304.8 cm
Width - Standard 112 in 284.5 cm
Width (With Flotation Tires) 112 in 284.5 cm
Weight (Fully Optioned) 10000 lbs 4535.9 kg
Drawbar Weight 920 lbs 417.3 kg


604 Pro G3 Baler
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