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Shulte provides first class equipment to service the farm, industrial and commerical consumers in all areas of the world. They have been recognized for their innovations in product technology and design for over the past 47 years.




Buhler Industries Inc. is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They manufacture agricultural equipment and are dedicated to product improvement and incorporating new value-added features.





Brandt equipment is designed to enhance the farmers efficiency when it comes to grain handling, spraying fields or wanting a top of the line heavy harrow bar. Look at Brandt for the more innovative line of equipment in the industry.




Kuhn offers a wide chose of agricultural machinery to meet customers specific needs. Kuhn produces advanced, high quality and high value equipment that will provide returns for any customers operations regardless of their geographical location.






For more than six decades, Vermeer has been helping farmers grow there farming operation by providing agricultural equipment that is built tough, built to perform and built for value, from the industries first wagon hoist to the round baler.

Vermeer customers can always expect expert technical assistance and a fast , honest response to their needs.





Soil preparation from stubble to harvest and optimized machine chain from field to muzzle. Kongskilde develops methods and equipment for soil cultivation and plant care.Kongskilde logo