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ID # 19836784

Mccormick X8 Series

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McCormick X8 Series
660 - 670 - 680

  • POWER : 264, 286, 310


X8 Series
Sale Type


   X8.660  X8.670  X8.680
MAX. ISO ENGINE POWER AT 1900 RPM  HP (kW) 264 (194) 286 (210) 310 (228)
RATED ISO ENGINE POWER AT 2200 RPM  HP (kW) 258 (190) 271 (199) 301 (221)
RATED ENGINE SPEED  RPM 2200 2200 2200
MAX. TORQUE (ISO TR 14396 ECE R120)  LB-FT (NM) 834 (1132) 880 (1194) 945 (1282)
TORQUE RISE 37% 32% 28%
BORE X STROKE   IN (MM) 4.1X5.2 (104X132) 4.1X5.2 (104X132) 4.1X5.2 (104X132)
DISPLACEMENT  CID (L) / NO. OF CYLINDERS 6.7 / 6 6.7 / 6 6.7 / 6
DEF CAPACITY  GAL (L) 18.5 (70) 18.5 (70) 18.5 (70)
FUEL CAPACITY  GAL (L) 145 (550) 145 (550) 145 (550)



New X8 VT-Drive Series: Powerful Innovation

At McCormick, awesome power has a name: X8.  Boasting over 300 hp, the new X8 tractor series combines brute power with comfort and style.  Specially designed for demanding farmers who work hard every day to build a thriving businesses, X8 tractors have been developed with a focus on modern capabilities and performance to help improve farming practicies and crop yields.  To meet tomorrow’s challenges, the X8 series offers the operator a variety of high-grade features:  powerful, clean-burning BETAPOWER 6-cylinder engines; a large, comfotable Premiere Cab with ergonomically-arranged, easy-to-use controls; smooth and seamless VT-Drive transmission that maximizes performance up to 32 mph (50 kph); a large, color DSM touchscreen monitor; and high-performance hydraulic system with up to 56 gpm (212 lpm) flow rate and up to ten remote valves.

BETAPOWER Diesel Engine Mccormick X8 Series

The X8 series tractors feature BETAPOWER 6.7 liter, 6-cylinder engines that deliver power ratings of 264, 286 and 310 hp. These fuel-efficient engines are equipped with electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), common rail fuel injection system and advanced SCR technology to generate massive power and torque while meeting Tier4 Final emission requirements.  The engine sits in rugged cast steel chassis which helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab while providing additional weight and support up front.  The tilt-up hood opens widely to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.  The coolers located in front of the radiator extend outwards from a single latch to provide easy cleaning in dusty conditions.

VT-Drive Mccormick X8 Series

The VT-Drive is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that is built by McCormick's partner ZF, a world-renowned manufacturer of transmissions and drive systems.  The X8 Series with VT-Drive offers smooth, reliable performance in any application.  CVT combines the efficiency and reliability of a mechanical gearbox with the infinite speed range of a hydrostatic drive.  The result is a tractor that can achieve any ground speed, from creeper to maximum transport speed, to match the needs of any job around the farm.  Smooth, seamless acceleration offers great comfort while working, and also provides constant power transfer to the ground during speed changes for improved traction and greater productivity.

Along with exceptional performance, X8 VT-Drive tractors are simple to operate.  Three operating modes give the operator a choice in how he/she wants to drive the tractor:  Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, PTO Mode.  There is even a cruise control button to allow for greater control of the tractor with a simple push of a button.

The real beneifts of a CVT are found in its versatility.  The engine and transmission work together to find the right engine RPM and travel speed for the job at hand:  high RPM with low ground speed for draft or specialty applications, or high ground speed with low engine RPM for efficient transport operations.  As field conditions change, VT-Drive can seamlessly adapt to keep the tractor working.

New Premiere Cab: Unparalleled Visibility and Total Comfort Mccormick X8 Series

When sitting in the driver's seat of the X8, you will enjoy a panoramic view that only the Premiere Cab can provide.  The VT EazyPilot hand controller in the right armrest allows the operator "fingertip control" of all major tractor functions.  Also integrated into the armrest is the 12” data screen manager (DSM) touch screen monitor that controls tractor performance and functions.  The full color DSM is an ISO BUS compliant virtual terminal, allowing for open access to connect to and operate other ISO BUS implements and attachments.

The air-suspended swivel seat with antivibration system and backrest ventilation, combined with independent front axle suspension and hydraulic cab suspension, minimizes shocks to ensure the operator experience a superior ride in any conditions.  The automotive-grade fit and finish further enhances the driving experience.  The cab uses a positive pressure ventilation system to keep a clean, dust-free environment, while the highly-efficient automatic climate control system maintains the desired cab temperature regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

Hydraulic system Mccormick X8 Series

The X8 series tractors feature a robust hydraulic system capable of handling the toughest jobs around the farm.


The X8 series tractors feature a closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system with a variable-displacement piston pump. This means that the pump will deliver the exact amount of oil that the system requires, instantly and on demand, thereby eliminating unnecessary power waste.  The standard system supplies up to 41 gpm (157 lpm) to the hitch and remote valves, while an optional 56 gpm (212 lpm) pump can handle even bigger jobs.  The transmission and hydraulic reservoirs are separated to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination and ensure proper oil levels for transmission operation and lubrication.


With the raise/lower control conveniently located on the VT EazyPilot controller and the main settings integrated into the right-hand armrest, the rear hitch guarantees precise implement control. Offering a maximum lift capacity of up to 26,450 lbs (12,000 kg), the Category 3 / 4N rear 3-point hitch is equipped with lower link draft sensing to handle precise tillage work with ease.


All X8 models are equipped from the factory with a front 3-point hitch as standard equipment.  Operated via a simple joystick controller integrated into the right hand armrest, the front hitch further increases the versatility of the tractor by providing an additional mounting point for implements and attachments.  Combine the capabilities of the front and rear hitches to improve productivity in many operations.  The front hitch can lift a massive 11,000 lb (5,000 kg) to support large implements, or even ballast weight to improve traction when working with a rear implement only.


The X8 tractors can be fitted with up to six rear remote valves for controlling implements and attachments.  Two additional remote valves at the front of the tractor provide a versatile platform for operating a wide variety of implements.  Simple fingertip and push button controls make operation convenient and precise.  An available mini joystick controls the front lift and front remote valve.  All valves can be easily be programmed to operate for specific flow rates and flow times to meet specific hydraulic tasks.  Hydraulic power beyond is also built in for those implements that require a dedicated oil supply but have their own valve system


dimensions and weights


   X8.660  X8.670  X8.680
A- MAX LENGTH (WITH BALLAST WEIGHTS) in(mm)  203 (5150)  203 (5150)  203 (5150)
C- WHEELBASE  in (mm) 118 (3000)  118 (3000)  118 (3000) 
D- HEIGHT OVER CAB  in (mm) 134 (3400) 135 (3400) 136 (3400)
TOTAL WEIGHT WITHOUT BALLAST WEIGHTS  lb (Kg) 23,810 (10800) 23,810 (10800) 23,810 (10800)