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STIHL HLA 135The most powerful cordless long-reach hedge trimmer in the STIHL range for professional use in noise-sensitive areas. For cutting shrubs and bushes as well as plants near the ground, and the whole spectrum from trimming to pruning. The cutter bar can be adjusted through 145° without the use of tools for head-height, side, and ground-level cutting. Double- sided cutting blade for a clean cutting pattern. Intuitive control handle with an LED display.

HLA 135
Sale Type
Technical Data
Blade Length (cm)
Rated Voltage (V)
Total Length Cm
Weight Without Battery (kg / Lbs)
4.8 / 10.6
Weight (kg / Lbs) Without Battery
5.6 / 12.3
Sound Power Level DB(A) / K-factor According To DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 DB (A)

STIHL HLA 135 Suspension loop for carrying strap

The HLA has a special eyelet for attaching a harness.

STIHL HLA 135 Loop handle

The compact loop handle is made from durable black plastic and has a curve which goes through almost 180°, facilitating different grip positions – particularly useful when working in confined areas.

STIHL HLA 135 Universal blade for pruning and trimming

Double-sided, friction-optimised cutting blades ensure superior cutting performance and longer battery life.


STIHL HLA 135 Lightweight magnesium gearbox

The cutter bar with light magnesium gearbox can be adjusted in steps, up to 145° in two directions, and can also be folded parallel to the shaft and locked for transport.

STIHL HLA 135 Ergonomic control handle with speed adjustment

Entirely in line with your needs, its speed can be adjusted to three levels using the ergonomic control handle with LED display. This allows for energy-efficient work and a long battery life.

STIHL HLA 135 Metal mesh air filter

An easy-to-clean metal mesh air filter ensures long service life and optimum engine cooling.

STIHL HLA 135 Battery compartment in the engine casing

The AP battery can be inserted directly into the battery slot in the engine casing, allowing for mobile, flexible work.