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ID # 19836705

Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101

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Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101Cordless trimmer in a contemporary design for lawn and lawn-edge maintenance. Cutting circle diameter 350 mm. Ergonomic operating handle with infinitely variable speed control, loop handle, sturdy aluminium shaft. Spacer bracket for mowing around obstacles such as trees and shrubs. With C 6-2 AutoCut mowing head. Version with AK 20 and AL 101.

FSA 60
Sale Type
Cutting Head
AutoCut C6-2
Technical Data
Rated Voltage (V)
Cutting Diameter Mm
Total Length Cm / Without Tools
Weight Without Battery (kg / Lbs)
3.1 / 6.8
Weight Without Battery (kg / Lbs) / Without Battery And Charger

Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101 EC engine with direct tool drive

The brushless electric motor (EC) from STIHL is energy-efficient and almost wear-free, thanks to features including the STIHL EC electronics upstream. Acting as an intelligent switching centre, this detects the battery plugged into the tool at any point in time, and supplies the EC engine with the right power output for the battery. This ensures that the power tool always has the optimum power output available – on a constant basis throughout the battery draining process.

Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101 Suitable for use with Smart Connector 1.0

The device is compatible with Smart Connector 1.0 and can easily be integrated into the STIHL connected system.

Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101 Spacer bracket

Practical spacer bracket for mowing along obstacles and around trees and bushes.*dby3tw*_ga*Mzk1OTMxODY4LjE1ODg3OTE4NzI.*_ga_G8ZD67Y14Z*MTY0MzYyMTUwMC43MS4xLjE2NDM2MjgyOTEuMzU.&_ga=2.135576433.1576234527.1642775174-395931868.1588791872 Cutting tools can be changed by hand

Cutting tools can be changed by hand with no need for tools. Choose from AutoCut C 6-2, PolyCut 6-2 and DuroCut 5-2.

Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101 Loop handle

The loop handle is ideal for working in confined spaces, e.g. for clearing work between bushes and shrubs.

Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101 Infinitely variable speed control

Depending on your particular needs, you can adjust the speed to one of three levels and control it on an infinitely variable basis using the new ergonomic control handle.

Stihl FSA 60 with AK 20 and AL 101 Ergonomic control handle with Ergo lever

The ergonomic control handle with its on-off control lever and control lever lock absorbs some of the vibrations and is extremely easy to grip.