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ID # 18584411


Call for Price
  • Extra heavy duty 15 foot, rotary cutter with 240 horsepower Bondioli gearboxes with oil level sight glass and 1-3/4″ input shafts and 3” (75mm) output shaft, Extra heavy duty 275hp divider box 
  • Extra heavy duty Bondioli Cat 6 (G8) cutter deck drive lines
  • High-torque, self adjusting wing slip clutches ensure better performance in rough cutting
  • All grease points on the main mower body have been eliminated, spring steel greaseable bushings are used only in the walking axles. All other major pivot points are now use maintenance free, fibre wound bushings with 1 1/4″ diameter pins for strength. 
  • Single domed, sweep clean deck design eliminates excess weight over competitive double-deck designs, eliminates build up of debris and prevents rusting on top side of deck
  • Walking or through axles are now available on both centre section and wings 
  • Increased ground clearance and a cutting chamber depth of 15 3/8” (2″ greater than the Series 4) and  an increased blade tip speed, result in an unsurpassed material flow with improved cutting speed
  • Extra large 10.5 X 27 skid steer tires, 29″ foam or air filled aircraft tires or 26″ laminated tires, allow for greater transport height along with improved performance in wet conditions
  • The XH-1500 Series 5 incorporates a floating hitch through the use of tension links. These links are connected from the hitch to the rear beam and are allowed to free float in one direction. This system allows the front of the cutter to easily pass over obstacles without causing damages to the tension links or putting unnecessary stress on the deck.
  • The hitch is also equipped with a bolt in, replaceable 2 1/4″ swivel which allows for maximum ground contouring without putting unnecessary twisting on the tractor draw bar. 
  • Hitch options include Schulte’s Precision Hitch, a standard clevis and our new Pro Level Hitch
  • Centre suspension reduces stress on tractor draw bar
  • 3/8” thick formed deck protection rings prevent blade to deck contact
  • Double safety chains with individually replaceable links are standard equipment
  • New adjustable and replaceable side skirt with skid shoes that are cast and cupped to reduce scrubbing on tight turns.
  • Optional gauge wheel kit can be mounted on the left or right wing to aid in clearing road approaches during ditch mowing
  • New wing lift tower, along with rugged hinge line allow for easier operation & increased strength. The double acting independent wing lift cylinder was designed to put less stress on wings and hinges
  • Phased hydraulic cylinders are standard to provide level lifting across the width of the cutter. Centre and wing sections all raise and lower together. Cutting height is controlled by the centre depth stop for one touch levelling.


Sale Type
Blade Overlap
6.5" (165mm)
Cutting Width
XH1500 180" (4.57m) XH1000 126" (3.20m)
Overall Width
XH1500 189" (4.80m) XH1000 139" (3.53m)
Cutting Height
1.5" to 19.25" (38 to 490m)
Overall Length
XH1500 198" (5.03m) XH1000 198" (5.03m)
Cutting Capacity
5" material (127mm) with brush blade
Transport Height
XH1500 84" (2.13m) XH1000 84” (2.13m)
Wing Working Range
25 degrees down to 90 degrees up
Transport Width, Min.
XH1500 89" (2.26m) XH1000 89” (2.26m)
Weight Range, Approx.
6950lbs (3152kg)
Centre/wing Gearbox Rating
240 HP (179kW)*