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ID # 14827347

Kuhn EL 122/162 Series

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Designed for Long Life and Simple Operation

KUHN EL 122 and EL 162 power tillers are intended for tractors rated up to 125 horsepower and 165 horsepower. These tillers are designed for convenient operation, with extremely quick and easy to perform adjustments.
KUHN EL 122 and EL 162 power tillers perform exceptionally well for producers with crop applications where seedbed preparation is essential. As with all KUHN implements intended for soil preparation, these power tillers feature a particularly sturdy design. KUHN EL 122 and 162 power tillers feature dependable gearboxes with reinforced drivelines, heavy-duty frame construction, larger diameter rotors, new hood profile and double articulated rear hood for improved tilling action.

Triplex logoCultiRotor (C-Blade)

The C-blade is equipped with curved blades efficient at mixing while producing a uniform finish. The six blades per flange offer good soil engagement. The blades are attached to the rotor using counter flanges for increased durability in hard and rocky soil.

Triplex logoCultiPlow

The high density and trailing blade position of the CultiPlow rotor maximizes the crumbling and reduction of soil clods while limiting the risks of clogging the rotor. The left and right angles of the blades provide good soil leveling by moving soil side-to-side.

Triplex logo CultiTiller

The leading tine position of the CultiTiller rotor lifts and cuts. Alternately left and right angled tines provide good soil leveling by moving soil side to side. With 40% more free blades than the CultiPlow, the CultiTiller rotor provides superior performance in diversified conditions such as wet, sticky soils, higher residue, and trash conditions.


Triplex logo

Depth and Roller Adjustment

When fitted with a roller, depth adjustment is easily performed using pins inserted into a multi-hole quadrant. The roller is free to drop, maintaining maximum contact with the soil in any condition. This optimizes firming of the seedbed and helps level the cultivated surface.

Triplex logo

Skids or Front Wheels

These wheels are intended for work not requiring the surface to be entirely uniform. The front wheels have adjustable spacing and will roll over firm soil without leaving tracks in the worked soil.


EL 122/162 Series
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